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Then Came You

My first release of 2023 is almost here. 

Then Came You is the newly deconstructed and rewritten version of my very first novel, Rise.  


Office Romance

-Sworn off Relationships

-Different Worlds

-Undercover Love/Secret Romance

-Secret Past

-Hate to Love



Most people dream of falling in love. 

But I know love turns smart people into fools. 

So, I don’t dream, I work. 

And put distance between myself and the stain my father’s betrayal left on my family. 

And when I land a high powered job in London that finally gives me some  I feel like I finally have everything I want. 


When I meet Simon, a gorgeous architect with a filthy mouth, he sets my body and  mind on fire. 

I break my rules and give into the attraction and escape his heated gaze promises. 

But those smoldering, dark eyes are also full of secrets, 

We may burn hot, but playing with that kind of fire is a fool’s game.

And I am no fool. 

So when our night together ends on less than good terms, I decide it’s for the best.  

Fate, though, has a different plan.  

When a work project forces us back together, I discover that behind Simon’s brooding, secretive facade lies a heart of gold. 

He breaks down my walls one sexy, wicked smile at a time. 

Soon, all I do is dream…of his touch, his kisses, and of a love strong enough to last forever. 

But I’ve got secrets of my own. 

And when they rear their head,

Simon will doubt me and everything I've ever told him. 

Then Came You Image.jpg

Release date: February 23,  2023

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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