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Lakeside House

the sound of temptation

Unbelievably gorgeous, wildly talented, and on the cusp of stardom, 

Carter Bosch was the kind of man I’d never dared to dream of.

But the summer he showed up in my small town -  city slick and full of promises - 

He put stars in my eyes and hope in my heart.

He called me his muse and said we were meant to be. 

And until the day he broke my heart, I believed him.


Ten years later, his reputation tarnished by scandal and personal tragedy, Carter’s back. 

He begins a relentless pursuit to win me back, but those stars in my eyes have been replaced by flames.

And for a chance to claim my ticket to freedom, I made a deal with the devil that I dare not break. 


But, a rock god fallen from grace is still a god, 

And a woman with her walls up, is still a woman.

Soon, my foolish heart is torn between duty and desire. 

When it finally falls, he stands ready to claim it. 


Just when we think we can see forever, a dark secret is revealed that rips us apart. 

Loving him is forbidden, but my heart can’t let him go. 

Because Carter and I are meant to be. 

And what’s meant to be will find a way.

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the sound of temptation


The Sound of Temptation (TSOT) is the Forever Trilogy reimagined and rewritten. It's the same characters, the same basic floor plan, but the details -  their backstories, the secondary characters, their conflicts, motivations and their goals - are all different.  

It's my version of "Sliding Doors" I loved revisiting them and hope you enjoy it, too!

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